Understanding the ropes of the business

Karen Lincoln - Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today's blog has been inspired by a very rude mom, we will call her a, LIndsey Lohan Mom. She clearly didn't understand the ropes of the business. So today I am going to talk about professionalism. She did not confirm her appointment the day before or even leave a message she would be at our office the morning of her appointment. This sends a message that the rules don't apply and her time is more important that the agencies or the person taking the time to meet her. WE are an appointment based business, So with no confirmed appointments, I set off to do office errands, leaving Wendy with a desk full of castings. While I was at Office Depot, bank, etc., this woman came in with a very combative spirit from the moment she sat down with Wendy. Wendy still honored her appointment even though she didn't confirm  .. read more...

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