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Karen Lincoln - Saturday, April 27, 2013

To quote the fabulous Madonna, “A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want.” ― Madonna

Let's talk about you, if you have gone through the effort of getting an agent, you have put it out there.....you have proclaimed, I WANT TO BE AN ACTOR!
Now that you have shouted it out to the world, is your attitude in the right space?
Here at the agency there are certain group of people who get booked all the time.  They are all different, ages, types, ethnicities...but they all have the something in common.  ATTITUDE. Let's call them "A-listers." An A-lister is not afraid to say what they want, they believe it, they work for it, they are prepared, they are humble (as much as an actor can be) and you will never hear them complain!  You might say they do their job with gratitude, because they are doing what they love:)
First of all, Are you afraid to say what you want?  Why is that? Could be pressure from enviroment, self doubt, not feeling worthy.  What ever it is ...get over it!  Hanging on to fear will not give you success.  If you are afraid to say what you want, then quit wanting it.  You will waste everyone's time and energy, especially your own.  Would you rather live your life wishing you could be doing something else OR doing what you love and dealing with what ever you think will happen? Getting what you want is worth it.   Our A-listers have proclaimed what they want. Find your answer and don't be afraid to shout it out for all to hear!
Do you believe in yourself? If you believe you will succeed, you will say YES to every opportunity.  Yes to the audition, yes to the workshop, yes to the feedback you are given.  Not only that, it will become a priority in your life.  Make time for your craft.  Would you go through your day without brushing your teeth? Of course not, if you did...no one would want to be your scene partner!  You make time for it. Give yourself permission to daydream, believe your daydream. Believing in yourself is attractive. Your friends and family will notice and so will casting directors, producers and other actors.  The A-list actor says yes.  That is why they have success, they are open to new opportunities.
Are you willing to work for it?  This is not an easy business.  Like anything else it takes work, work, work and work.  You may not always get the lead, in fact often times you might be assigned to the back of the room hoping your elbow in the shot.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  You hear the stories of people who were walking down the street and someone walked up to them and said, you should be in Movies...they were put in a movie and instantly successful....I call BS on that one. It is not simple. You must take every chance to be on a set, offer your services, sometimes do other's hair, sometimes do craft services, learn all you can, train with a coach, read screenplays, practice memorizing, practice on camera, take care of your body and your mind. Prepare yourself for the big opportunities.  Experience makes you more valuable.
Be prepared.  During your first meeting at the agency you are told, you need current headshots, resume, reel, and  constant practice.  And for some reason people forget, or lose priority and interest.  These tools are how you get auditions, how you get booked and how you get experience.  For the procrastinaters in the group I have some advice for you....DON'T.  Get these things done!  Don't wait for your next pay check, don't wait to lose 10 lbs., don't wait until you are tanner or have more time.  The point is....you are making excuses.  The A-lister sends us current headhsots and resume on a regular basis.  They upload them to ActorsAccess, NowCasting and their ProTalentSite is AWESOME!  So Awesome, they get booked off that alone.  No audition neccesary for the actor with current, Kick-ass material.  They educate themselves on how all this stuff works. They are professionals, they take themselves seriously enough to do what needs to be done.  AND they get booked!
Be Humble...as much as possible, afterall, you are an actor!  The point here, entitlement will not serve you well....pretty much anywhere.  It all comes back to attitude.  Feel worthy of the opportunities, but please don't act as though you are owed these. I'm glad you are working hard, I'm so glad you have gotten experience and IMDB credits and worked with some name talent.  But the bottom line is, you have to work like everyone else.  If you are and Extra on a big set.  You have a place, you don't walk over to the director himself, or the leads....that is not your place for that day.  You might be the lead one day and recall what it was like when you were an extra and had to do your own hair, make-up and bring your own water bottle.  No matter how successful you are, keep in mind every single part of production matters.  Be kind, respectful and honor your position for the day. This business is not me, me, me...it is WE, WE, WE. The A-lister shows up prepared for the day. Working hard, doing YOUR job with a smile and a thank you and not over-stepping boundaries.  Realize there are boundaries.
Lastly, The A-listers don't complain.  They ALWAYS reply to emails, phone calls, text messages.  And they always say thank you.  They are grateful for the opportunity, even if they weren't thrilled about doing a commercial for a constipation drug. They do it with a smile, thank us for the opportunity, add it to their resume, website, reel and move on to the next job.  These people are a pleasure to work with because they love what they do, and they prove all of our time and effort is being well spent:)
WE have an enormous amount of respect for everyone on our team....TEAM LINCOLN TALENT!  We want you to succeed, but one big thing we have learned is we can't want it for you. YOU MUST WANT IT FOR YOURSELF!

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