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Karen Lincoln - Thursday, August 22, 2013


Today's blog has been inspired by a very rude mom, we will call her a, LIndsey Lohan Mom. She clearly didn't understand the ropes of the business.  
So today I am going to talk about professionalism. 

She did not confirm her appointment the day before or even leave a message she would be at our office the morning of her appointment.
This sends a message that the rules don't apply and her time is more important that the agencies or the person taking the time to meet her.
WE are an appointment based business, So with no confirmed appointments, I set off to do office errands, leaving Wendy with a desk full of castings.
While I was at Office Depot, bank, etc., this woman came in with a very combative spirit from the moment she sat down with Wendy.
Wendy still honored her appointment even though she didn't confirm and she was late. With a Lindsay Lohan Mom, the rules don't apply.
Wendy did her best to answer this mom's questions but this LIndsey Lohan mom,  wasn't about listening to the information that 
Wendy was providing because she had all the answers.   
This led to her berating Wendy to her face and ultimately not signing with us.  Thank God.

Why the woman even came to the appointment is still a mystery to me but she did provide me with 
some great blogging material that i think will be educational to other parents who really do want to 
get their kids involved in the business and learn about the protocol.

First let me say, we are a 27 year old agency that has been serving Denver families and the community with 99% of the parents, kids and talent involved finding value in what we do here, with plenty of success stories with clients to boot. 
Still you have the 1%, like this woman who ultimately posted a negative comment on google about our business without being held accountable for her unprofessional and rude behavior while in our office.
Second it is any talent agency's job to filter the unprofessional and rude people from ever coming in contact with their booking clients.
If someone is unprofessional with the agency staff its just a matter of time before they are rude to a paying client.
Third, coming into any office and demeaning office staff and insulting them to their face will get you asked to leave.

For people reading this who want to present themselves professionally to any agency, here's a simple how to.  

1)  Confirm the appointment with the agency the day before via a phone call and bring requested items this is an interview.  
Every agency reserves the right not to sign or work with you or your child.

2). Don't be late. If your late to the agency you will be late with a client. 

3). You and your child should be dressed nicely.  Again this is an interview and this is a sample of how you will meet a client.

4) All manners and courtesies should be demonstrated from both parent and child.  

5). Your child should behave.  Running up and down the halls with a parent that is not able to control their child is not going to earn the confidence of the agency.

6)  Know that if office staff has taken time to meet you, that's time not spent on castings, bookings and details that matter in this business. Their time is valuable.  

7).  if you want representationfor you or your child, know that being confrontational and hard to work with will cause any person to choose not to work with you.  It's a relationship.  

8) Finally, If you conduct yourself as if you have all the answers, why on earth would you need the assistance of an agency?  You need to be coachable and listen.

We are grateful that our kids, families and clients chose to work with us and sometimes it's takes the 1% that will never be happy, to help you appreciate the 99% that are happy.    Here's to another 30 great, years of service and success. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!!

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